Life In 2018!

I’m 100% for speaking things into existence.Declare your desires to the universe & it’ll be yours. 

I came across a new post from one my favorite youtubers, Leeor Alexandra. She has been such an inspiration for me on this spirituality journey that I am on.

She created a video about writing letters to her future self. Leeor writes e-mails to her future self & schedules them to be sent a year to date. She uses this as manifestation technique! 

She came up with fun exercise to go along with the letters called, “Life in 2018.

How freaking dope is that? 

Link to video below!

I decided to partake in this exercise as well. I believe that along with the letter to my future self, “Life in 2018,” would really help set all my desires into motion!

I have a lot of goals that I will accomplish in the upcoming year & I want to share them with you all!

My life in 2018!

IMG_6178.jpg Thailand!♥

I have an insane obsession with elephants. Elephants to me are the most sacred animals that have walked/walk on this Earth. In 2018 I will be taking a trip to Thailand to experience elephants & all of their glory in real life, I CANNOT WAIT! This is going to be the trip of a lifetime!♥


Along with traveling to Thailand I will be traveling to several other destinations as well. I will be going to Arizona. For the last 8 years I’ve been dying to go to Arizona lol, why? I don’t know. I am super curious about how life is down there so I will be going! In 2018 I will also be visiting Costa Rica & Switzerland! I have the dire desire to travel to new places, get to know different cultures. I believe traveling enriches your life in so many ways.♥

Social Life!♥


A year ago today I became super anti-social. I stopped associating myself with everyone & created this little bubble for myself. Little by little I’ve been breaking out of that, & I am extremely proud of that! In 2018 I am making new friends & building stronger relationships with the current people in my life! I will share life experiences with them, grow with them, & go on insane adventures with them! ♥


Makeup has been a passion of mine since 2014 or so. One of my goals is to teach others how to do their own makeup! I have learned a lot of tips & tricks throughout the years & in 2018 I will continue to share my knowledge with the word! I will film tutorials, share reviews & dupes, & inspire girls & boys to pick up a makeup brush &  feel confident in what their doing!♥



I used to take & upload so many photos on social media that I’m pretty sure my followers would say, “Damn this bih again?” Lol. I would get dressed up just to take pictures! I was obsessed with taking pictures not just of myself but of all the beautiful things around me. Over the last year I suffered from depression & lost a lot of my self-esteem. I stopped taking photos which is something I loved to do. In 2018 I am taking more photos! I will have the same confidence I used to have & take more selfies! I will be getting dressed up & doing my makeup for no other reason than to just to take pictures! I will be capturing as many beautiful moments as I can!♥

My Relationship!♥


I have been with this handsome little cherub bebe for quite some time now. I am super blessed that God chose him to be MY person! I love him beyond words! In 2018 our relationship will continue to grow stronger. We will travel the world together. & we will be more & more in love as each day passes by!♥


Youtube Art Work.png

I took a big leap this year with finally starting my blog. This has been a dream of mine for a long time along with starting a Youtube channel. I’ve had Youtube on my goals list since like 2015 & never went through with it. Created an account & never posted content. I struggled with starting my blog & my channel because I felt that so many other people were doing the same & I didn’t want to be doing something that other people were already doing. It wasn’t until I finally acknowledged that those other people weren’t me! No one does things how I do them! The only thing that was stopping me from doing what I love to do was myself! Starting this blog is such a huge accomplishment for me. In 2018 I will let go of my fear of being on camera & officially launch my Youtube channel! In 2018 my blog will continue to grow! My audience will grow! I will continue to put out content that inspires people!♥


In the past year I’ve come a long way spiritually, emotionally, mentally. I have faced & conquered countless obstacles in my lifetime. I am so proud of the person that I have become. I know there’s still so many more lessons to learn, so many more things I must face, so many more experiences left for me to go through. In 2018 I will continue to strengthen my faith in God, continue to become the best version of myself, & continue on my path of spirituality.♥


I have been very blessed to be on my second car in the past 2 years. Although I love my car, his name is Talon btw lol, I feel like its time for a new one. In 2018 I will be getting my Honda CR-V! White, black interior, HEATED seats, ahh what more could I ask for?  Simple car but perfect for me!♥

I am beyond excited for this new year guys. How awesome is it that 2018 starts on a Monday? New year, new week, new goals! 2018 will be nothing less than amazing, I can feel it in my soul. I am ready to accomplish & exceed my goals! 

I want to challenge you all to partake in, “Life in 2018.” Lets all set our plans in motion, lets all prepare for all of God’s blessings that are coming, lets all tap into the abundance the universe has in store for us!

We’re chasing our dreams all 2018! We’re growing all 2018! We’re practicing self-love & self-care all 2018! We’re spreading love & good vibrations all 2018!♥

I wish you all a very happy, prosperous, & love-filled new year! May this new year bring you everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

Thank you for reading, sending love & good vibrations to you all!♥


2 thoughts on “Life In 2018!

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